Air Canada says 20,000 mobile app users affected by data breach

Air Canada says 20,000 mobile app users affected by data breach

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Air Canada’s smartphone app has suffered a data breach resulting in the suspected theft of thousands of its customers’ personal details.


Some 20,000 Air Canada customers learned on Wednesday their personal information may have been compromised after a breach in the airline’s mobile app.


Air Canada explained that it noticed “unusual login activity” between Aug. 22-24 and “immediately took action.”


The Canadian flag carrier said it is in the process of contacting the 20,000 people directly affected.


The airline tried to block the hacking attempt by locking out all accounts.


1.7 million users of the app cannot log into their accounts until they now update their passwords.


The Air Canada app stores basic information including name, email and phone number.


Any credit card data is encrypted and would be protected from a breach, Air Canada said.


However, reports are emerging that other passenger details were available for the hackers including passport number, passport country of issuance, passport expiration date, nationality, country of residence and birth date.


The City of London’s Action Fraud team told the BBC that the “consequences of having your passport information accessed can be severe”.


It said banks, insurance firms and mobile phone providers were among businesses that request the data to set up accounts, but do not always require sight of the physical document.