Cypriot carrier Cobalt Air collapses

Cypriot carrier Cobalt Air collapses

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Cobalt Air, a low-cost carrier operating flights out of Cyprus, has suspended operations indefinitely.


The Cypriot airline Cobalt Air has cancelled all its flights and indefinitely suspended operations.


The carrier, which has operated flights in and out of Cyprus since 2016, failed to reach a deal with a potential new investor after running into cash flow problems.


A brief message on its website reads: “Cobalt regrets to announce that it will be cancelling all flights as of 23:50pm on October 17, 2018 due to indefinite suspension of Cobalt’s operations.

“As a result, future flights or services provided by Cobalt will be cancelled and will no longer operate.


“Passengers who have un-flown tickets are instructed not to go to Larnaca Airport or any departure airport tomorrow, 18 October 2018 as no Cobalt flights will operate and no Cobalt staff will be present.


“For refunds, please contact your credit card provider or travel agent.”


The fate of Cobalt’s 200 staff is unclear.


Earlier this month, Danish budget carrier Primera Air suddenly ceased operations after 14 years of service.