Dallas, Texas to Brussels, Belgium for only $342 roundtrip

Dallas, Texas to Brussels, Belgium for only 2 roundtrip

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Cheap flights from Dallas, Texas to Brussels, Belgium for only $342 roundtrip with Delta.


Dallas, USA


Brussels, Belgium


Dallas, USA


Availability from November 2018 to March 2019 (excluding Christmas/New Year)

Example dates:
18th-27th Jan
18th-28th Jan
22nd-30th Jan
22nd Jan – 1st Feb
27th Jan – 5th Feb
27th Jan – 6th Feb
30th Jan – 9th Feb
2nd-12th Feb
3rd-12th Feb
4th-12th Feb
5th-15th Feb
6th-15th Feb
6th-16th Feb
13th-21st Feb
13th-22nd Feb
16th-24th Feb
20th Feb – 1st Mar
23rd Feb – 4th Mar
26th Feb – 6th Mar
28th Feb – 8th Mar
28th Feb – 9th Mar
28th Feb – 10th Mar
1st-10th Mar
1st-11th Mar
2nd-10th Mar
2nd-11th Mar
3rd-11th Mar

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