Drunk Brit jailed after punching TUI flight attendant in the crotch

Drunk Brit jailed after punching TUI flight attendant in the crotch

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A mother, branded the “worst airline passenger ever”, has been jailed for 21 weeks after punching a TUI flight attendant in the crotch.


A British woman has been branded the “worst airline passenger ever” after a drunken rampage on a TUI flight from Manchester to the Greek island of Kos.


Helen Butcher was jailed for 21 weeks at Manchester Crown Court after she admitted two counts of assault by beating, being intoxicated on an aircraft and using threatening behaviour.


The 51-year-old swore loudly prompting other passengers to cry and beg staff to make her behave on June 27 last year..


Butcher, who was travelling with her daughter, punched a flight attendant in the genitals, telling him: “It doesn’t matter, you are f****** gay anyway.”


When the cabin manager approached Butcher, she took hold of his face with her hands and said: “I’m deaf and I can lip-read or just f*** off”.


Reports state that Butcher drank half a bottle of wine on the way to the airport and two vodkas in the bar before boarding the flight.


Sentencing, Judge David Stockdale QC told Butcher: “Families who boarded that flight were put in distress.


“Children were seen to hold their hands over their ears so as not to hear your foul language.


Nervous flyers were seen to be crying, such was their distress as a result of your behaviour. They had to be comforted by other passengers.”