First-time flyer sparks panic after mistaking plane door for toilet

First-time flyer sparks panic after mistaking plane door for toilet

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A passenger sparked panic on a flight in India when he tried to open the plane door in mid-air, mistaking it for the toilet.


A first-time flyer sparked panic last week when he attempted to open an emergency plane door mid-air, believing it was the lavatory.


The unnamed man, in his late twenties, kept tugging at the exit door on GoAir flight G8 149 from Delhi to Patna.


According to Indian media reports, he was wrestled to the ground by cabin crew before being told to take a seat for the remainder of the flight.


Patna police chief, Sanowar Khan, said the actions of the man caused “pandemonium”.


“People asked him why he was doing so (trying to open the exit gate). He told them that he needed to use the washroom urgently and kept tugging at the exit door,” Khan told The Telegraph.


Officials told the Times of India the man had successfully unlocked the rear door but was unable to open it due to cabin pressure.


However, that claim was contradicted by an airline source, who said the doors cannot be unlocked when there is a large difference in pressure between the cabin and outside the plane.


The passenger was questioned by authorities upon arrival at Patna but released as the incident was deemed to be a genuine mistake.



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