Germany to many European cities from only €15 roundtrip

Germany to many European cities from only €15 roundtrip

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Ryanair are having a great sale where you can fly from Germany to many European cities from only €15 roundtrip.
For example, fly from Nuremberg, Germany to Krakow, Poland for only €15 roundtrip (see image below).


Nuremberg – Krakow: €15
Frankfurt (Hahn) – Palma de Mallorca: €19
Frankfurt (Hahn) – Pisa: €19
Berlin – Rijeka: €19
Berlin – Girona: €19
Munich (Memmingen) – Zadar: €19
Cologne – Warsaw: €19
Berlin – Brindisi: €20
Frankfurt (Hahn) – Marseille: €20
Frankfurt (Hahn) – Rijeka: €25
Munich (Memmingen) – Edinburgh: €25
Dusseldorf (Weeze) – Cagliari: €25
Dusseldorf (Weeze) – Burgas: €25
Berlin – Faro: €29

and more…


Nuremberg/Frankfurt/Berlin/Munich/Cologne/Dusseldorf, Germany


Krakow/Warsaw, Poland
Palma de Mallorca/Girona, Spain
Pisa/Brindisi/Cagliari, Italy
Rijeka/ Zadar, Croatia
Marseille, France
Edinburgh, UK
Burgas, Bulgaria
Faro, Portugal


Nuremberg/Frankfurt/Berlin/Munich/Cologne/Dusseldorf, Germany


Availability from September to December 2018


The Ryanair website conveniently allows you to search each week with a single click so there is no need for a list of example dates from us.









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