Hurricane Florence: Over a thousand flights cancelled

Hurricane Florence: Over a thousand flights cancelled

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Airlines have cancelled more than 1,000 flights scheduled for Thursday and Friday in the Carolinas and Virginia.


As Hurricane Florence approaches the coast of the Carolinas, over a thousand flights have been cancelled.


Airports in Charleston, Fayetteville, Jacksonville and Wilmington may remain closed until Friday, after closing late Wednesday evening.


The storm, which was downgraded from a Category 4 to a Category 2, is expected to affect millions in the southeast of the US.


The National Hurricane Center warned that storm surges, flash flooding, heavy rainfall and forceful winds are anticipated in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.


Most airlines announced earlier this week they will waive change fees for passengers flying from more than 20 Southeastern airports.



American Airlines said its team of meteorologists in Forth Worth, Texas, are closely watching the storm’s track.


Information regarding the affect the hurricane will have on AA flights are listed here on its website.


Delta Air Lines added 1,200 seats as of Wednesday evening via extra flights and larger aircraft to get people out of the area before Florence hits.



Flight disruptions could continue after the storm has passed.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it may restrict air traffic to clear airspace for emergency flights depending on the damage caused.