Many European cities to Tehran, Iran from only €129 roundtrip

Many European cities to Tehran, Iran from only €129 roundtrip

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Cheap flights from many European cities to Tehran, Iran from only €129 roundtrip.


Depart from:
Milan: €129

Dusseldorf: €150
Vienna: €165
Frankfurt: €168
Munich: €178
London: £155


Please note, the US recently introduced new legislation whereby a foreign national must apply for a visa to enter the US if they have visited Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan in the 5 years prior.


Milan, Italy
Dusseldorf/Frankfurt/Munich, Germany
Vienna, Austria
London, UK


Tehran, Iran


(same as DEPART)


Availability from September to November 2018


The Ukraine International Airlines website conveniently allows you to search each week with a single click so there is no need for a list of example dates from us.




Ukraine International Airlines





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