Mother lets child use potty in plane aisle

Mother lets child use potty in plane aisle

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A mother was photographed letting her toddler use a potty in the aisle of a plane.


An airline passenger allowed her toddler to use a portable potty in the aisle of the plane


A Facebook account called PassengerShaming first shared a photo of the alleged incident.


“Parent brings own potty seat on board, sets it in aisle midflight to have child use (in front of everyone),” the caption of the photo reads.


“When discovered by crew was advised she couldn’t do this & would need to utilize the open lavatory…and her reply “I don’t give a sh*t!””


The flight route or airline were not disclosed in the post.



The photo attracted hundreds of angry comments.


“What is it about flying that turns people into complete savages?” one person wrote.



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