Saudi Arabian Airlines denies passenger boarding for wearing shorts

Saudi Arabian Airlines denies passenger boarding for wearing shorts

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A Saudia passenger was prevented from boarding a flight from Indonesia after the flight crew told him he was not allowed to wear shorts onboard.


A man has been refused entry onto a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight for wearing shorts.


Jordan Bishop described how he was stopped just before getting onto the plane in Jakarta.


Speaking to Forbes, Bishop said a flight attendant told him at the boarding gate: “You cannot fly with Saudia wearing shorts.”


The Saudi Arabian Airlines website states: “Saudia is requesting from their guests to abide by a dress code whereby they are clothed in a manner that is inline with public taste or not offensive to other passengers.”


Bishop did not have trousers in his hand luggage so had a race against time to find himself a pair.


“When it became clear that I had no other option but to find a pair of pants on my own, I ran down the length of the terminal until I found a travel kiosk selling sarongs,” he said.


“I bought the first one I saw, raced back to the gate and tied it around my waist like a full-length skirt.”


Gate agents “exchanged glances” but gave him the go-ahead and let him board the flight.



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